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The Organization

Cleft Care Foundation Indonesia (Yayasan Peduli Bibir Sumbing) (CCFI) is a non-profit humanitarian organization with a vision to building a support system for underprivileged cleft children, bridging the gap between the general public (especially cleft families) and the medical profession. It was formed in 1995 under the wings of Tulip Indonesia before it became an independent foundation in 2010. Its aim is to assist and support parents with cleft infants, bringing hope into the children’s lives.

We are managed by enthusiastic multinational volunteers dedicated to working closely with communities and people in need. We provide free assistance for underprivileged cleft children, establish partnerships and collaborate with the medical profession, increasing knowledge and awareness about cleft lip treatment in the wider community.

We are in direct contact with families, the number of patients growing as we find more untreated cleft patients in East Java, our services expanding over the years.


Following are some examples of the work that is carried out by Cleft Care Foundation Indonesia every day.

• Home visits

• Providing medical and financial counseling and assistance

• Educating and counseling parents of cleft children

• Cleft feeding and nursing programs

• Nutrition guidance programs (for underweight & malnourished cleft children)

• Providing free corrective surgery with Cleft Care Foundation Indonesia recognized medical & associated healthcare partners

• Providing Pre-Surgery and post-surgery support and assistance

• Providing free transportation and accommodation for underprivileged cleft families

• Providing Cleft Care support to medical partners during mass operations

 “Today my son is healthy and happy, but I still remember those early days of despair. It is my hope that this program will ensure in-time-surgery for more children in Indonesia. A community well-informed about cleft problems eases the burden of parents, and literally changes the lives of children.”

Tri Wijantisari

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