Cleft Care Indonesia Foundation

Cleft Care Indonesia Foundation


Cleft Care Indonesia Foundation is a non-profit humanitarian organization with a vision to building a support system for underprivileged cleft children, bridging the gap between the general public (especially cleft families) and the medical profession. It was formed in 1995 under the wings of Tulip Indonesia before it became an independent foundation in 2010. Its aim is to assist and support parents with cleft infants, bringing hope into the children’s lives. We are managed by enthusiastic multinational volunteers dedicated to working closely with communities and people in need.

History of Cleft Care

Tulip Indonesia, which had begun as the NederlandseKlub Surabaya, a group of volunteers helping the disadvantaged. This organisation supported schools in the slum areas of Surabaya and always reserved some of their funds for operations on cleft children. It was not until one of our members, Ibu Tri Wijantisari, had a cleft baby, that we realized the lack of information and support there was for the parents of a cleft child. Then, Cleft Care was established in 2006, only a few months after our first meeting.

Cleft Care Indonesia Foundation is established in the first meeting and working under the guidance of Tulip Indonesia. 

The Organization had become stand-alone Organization under the name of Cleft Care Indonesia Foundation.

Cleft Care Indonesia Foundation has grown into a mature non-profit organization.