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October: SIS Steps Up Again

Surabaya International School, a loyal and regular supporter of the Foundation, is once again running and walking for CCFI on November 12. They need sponsors; we will be very grateful for the funds they raise for us.

Photos show Clara, Office Manager, and Toni, Board member, speaking to students, from Kindergarten to Grade 12, about what we do and why we need regular funds to continue our work.

Good luck everyone!



September – November  2014


We are pleased and privileged to announce that once again we have First year Business students from UniversitasCiputra on board raising funds and spreading awareness of CCFI in the Surabaya community.

The expectations of the students are that in becoming ‘ambassadors’ for a particular business, or in our case, a charity, they will integrate academic knowledge with practical experience in selling and marketing.   Of course those 38 students who have joined the CCFI group are also learning about cleft issues and the work carried out by the Foundation.   Not to mention meeting specific targets.

We thank the university for inviting us to be a part of this initiative for the fourth time, along with several other businesses and charities.







Universitas Ciputra

46 students on Board for Cleft Care!

For the third year in a row, Ciputra University, an academic institution with an emphasis on business and entrepreneurship, has invited The Cleft Care Foundation to be part of a program which aims to integrate academic knowledge with practical experience in selling and marketing.

First year students are asked to register with a particular business or charity and work with that business to develop a plan to benefit that business.  In our case, that means raising money, selling ‘packages’ for Cleft Care, so we can help more children with cleft problems in East Java.

Last year’s group of wonderful students raised over Rp. 113,000,000 for the Foundation so we have high hopes for this enthusiastic group of young people.

Good luck everyone!

Operations Officer Clara shares information about the Foundation


Ciputra students, becoming ambassadors for Cleft Care


Two Universitas Ciputra students, Clara and Catharina, made a visit to the Cleft Care office one  afternoon recently.  Our Operations Officer Clara, and Health Care Officer Emma, explained the Foundation’s work.  The students are currently helping to raise funds for the Foundation as part of their studies.  We hope they enjoyed their visit and wish them well in the future. 

Students Clara & Catharine, with Clara and Emma

Students Clara & Catharine, with Clara and Emma



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