Cleft Care Indonesia Foundation

Partnership (Medical/Healthcare) Program

The medical partnership Cleft Care has established with over the years includes:

  • Hospitals, healthcare organizations or healthcare foundations
  • Medical partners, specialist and practitioners
  • Medical facilities and services
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Allied health services

The aim of collaborating between CCFI with partners is to provide free services (including treatments and corrective surgeries) with CCFI recognized medical & associated healthcare partners

CCFI helps to arrange and coordinate medical services (including surgery) for each cleft child with Cleft Care Foundation Indonesia’s medical partners.

We also provide the family with free after surgery care, involving regular monitoring calls and assisting parents during the child’s recovery process.


MASS OPERATION Report: (2012)

Location: Banyuwangi – Eastern end of East Java

Cleft Care Foundation Indonesia Team:  2 Community Healthcare Officers

Hospital Partner: Hospital RSI Fatimah

Healthcare Partner: Village healthcare officials of Banyuwangi and IBI (Association of Midwives, Banyuwangi)

Surgical Team Partner: CLPC Malang


CCFI Team:

Cleft Care Foundation Indonesia (CCFI) was invited to provide information on before and after surgery care for cleft patients undergoing surgery. This annual mass operation was conducted over 4 days in Banyuwangi, the most eastern end of East Java, South-East of Surabaya

This mass operation was also made possible with collaborative efforts between Cleft Lip and Palate surgical team of the region, Hospital RSI Fatimah, the Village healthcare officials of Banyuwangi and IBI (Association of Midwives, Banyuwangi) providing information on cleft patients who need operations in their area.

Cleft Care Foundation Indonesia (CCFI) Community Healthcare Officers travelled long distances (8-10 hours) to reach there. All the cleft patients were children aged between 6 month and 10 years old who had come with their families and had also travelled long distances to reach the hospital. Many patients in the past tend to fall ill after long distance travel and were refused surgery. This year, a total 14 patients were screened and all were declared fit to receive cleft repair surgery, their cleft conditions varying in severity.

The CCFI Community Healthcare Officers gave out free feeding supplies (e.g., cleft spoon feeders) and post-operative supplies (e.g. surgical splint sets, antibiotic cream), cleft education brochures and brochures on before and after surgery knowledge and care.

The mass operation was conducted successfully and as always, CCFI Community Healthcare Officers continued with weekly monitoring calls until the children had fully recovered.

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