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Ridwan’s story

We first met Ridwan, a premature baby boy, when he was 22 days old. He weighed 1.5 kgs and had right side cleft lip and palate. Both his mother and grandfather had died from illness and his father would not accept him so his grandmother was his sole carer. She was having difficulty feeding him so we were able to immediately help with an orthodontic nipple, a soft bottle, a spoon feeder and advice to prepare him for lip surgery. This occurred when Ridwan was four months old and at that point we discovered more about this little family’s financial situation. His grandmother had little money, her only income was through scavenging, so she could not afford milk for him, such a basic requirement. We committed to providing this milk for him for the next 6 months so he would be strong and healthy enough for the palate surgery. Finally, after some re-scheduling due to illness, Ridwan’s second lot of surgery proceeded when he was one year old and he can now smile with his loving grandmother, still his only family as his father still refuses to accept him. She is totally committed to this little boy, despite her difficult situation.

Before surgery

1a     1b

After Surgery

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Thank you Letter from Ridwan’s family


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