Cleft Care Indonesia Foundation

Vision & Mission

More than 1,000 children are born each year with cleft lips and palates in East Java, Indonesia.  These children come mainly from underprivileged, uneducated families living in rural and remote areas.  Lack of understanding and access to the correct information, especially on how to care for their infants, is a fundamental problem in Indonesia.

There are already many established international charitable organizations offering free operations for cleft children in Indonesia.  However, only 10% of these surgeries are for infants in East Java. The other 90% of the children have already passed the 3-month mark as knowledge about the importance and availability of early treatment is lacking.

Cleft Care Foundation Indonesia differs from these other organisations by offering cleft families support both pre and post treatment as well as collating information and guidelines on the value of treatment and cleft care management.


Our vision is to build a support system for parents and their cleft children by bridging the gap between them and medical professionals.



Our mission is to compile and share knowledge and develop culturally appropriate guidelines on how to care for cleft infants throughout East Java so that parents of cleft children understand the importance of caring for and feeding their baby; that they know how, where and when to get surgery, and that they understand why their child needs treatment.

Cleft Care Foundation Indonesia focuses on bridging the gap to ensure that:

  • cleft children are adequately cared for pre and post treatment
  • more cleft children are able to receive treatment, successfully and safely

Cleft Care Foundation Indonesia achieves this by:

  • Providing healthcare assistance for cleft children
  • Developing guidelines on cleft children management
  • Collaborating with medical teams and partners who can provide cleft surgery and medical care
  • Raising  public awareness about cleft conditions

Core Values: Teamwork, Trust, Commitment

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