Cleft Care Indonesia Foundation

Medical Assistance (Surgery, General & Specialists Healthcare) Services

Cleft Care Foundation Indonesia provides assistance to cleft children, locating cleft repair services and services for other medical conditions. These other medical conditions include persistent and recurrent pneumonia, tuberculosis, heart problem, hydrocephalus and severely malnourished cleft children. We work with our extensive network of medical partners (doctors, surgeons, paediatricians, dentists & specialist dentists, etc.) in providing such services.

Cleft Care Foundation Indonesia provides these services by:

• Providing free treatment with CCFI recognized medical & associated healthcare partners

• Providing free corrective surgery with CCFI recognized medical & associated healthcare partners

• Providing Pre-Surgery and post-surgery care assistance

• Providing cleft care support to our medical partners during their mass operations

Providing cleft information & post-operative care instructions

Providing post-operative care involving monitoring and assisting parents during the child’s recovery process after surgery.

Providing support before, during and after mass operations.

These are examples of work that is carried out by Cleft Care Foundation Indoesia every day, and the number of patients is growing.


MASS OPERATION Report : (2012)

  • Location: Tuban, North West of Surabaya
  • Cleft Care Foundation Indonesia Team:  1 Operation Officer, 2 Community Healthcare Officers
  • Hospital Partner: RSUD Tuban
  • Surgical Team Partner: CLPC Surabaya

Cleft Care Foundation Indonesia (CCFI) was invited to provide information on before and after surgery care for cleft patients undergoing surgery. This mass operation exercise was conducted over 3 days in the city of Tuban, North West Surabaya city in Hospital RSUD Tuban.

All 34 patients were from RSUD Tuban. We started our involvement with a social awareness discussion with the patients and their families, followed by information on pre and post cleft surgery care. CCFI officers gave out free feeding supplies (e.g., cleft spoon feeders) and post-operative supplies (e.g. surgical splint sets, antibiotic cream), cleft education brochures and brochures on before and after surgery knowledge and care.

We also provided milk, tea and biscuits during their stay in Hospital RSUD Tuban. Out of the 34 patients screened, only 21 patients received cleft surgery. Some were sick and some required other treatment.

The youngest was 3 months old & the oldest was 50 years old. We remained in Tuban until all patients were operated on and coping well after surgery. We continued making monitoring calls weekly after, until they had fully recovered.

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