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Specific fund-raising events in schools: e.g. English First Language Schools, SIS Walkathons, Universitas Ciputra


SIS WALK-a-thon

We are enormously grateful to Surabaya International School (SIS) which once again has chosen CCFI as the major recipient for one of its major fundraising events of the year, part of Years 9-12 “Season of Service”. The walk-a-thon involves the whole school & it’s wonderful to see such enthusiasm in action. Such a great effort…..enough money for surgery for at least 45 children.


Cleft Donation Ambassadors with Ciputra University

CCFI Volunteers: Marie-Jo Stevens (France), Toni Hoekstra (Australia)

In October 2011 and for a period of seven weeks, the Cleft Care Foundation worked in association with Ciputra University (Universitas Ciputra) in order to develop an entrepreneurial project, mixing both social and business approaches. Most students worked with businesses but a small number choose Cleft Care as their project.

The students were expected to demonstrate and develop their selling, communicating and creating skills in order to raise funds for the Foundation. With some regular monitoring and meetings with CC volunteers, they raised a lot of money. One student, Olivia Philia was rewarded by winning the award for “Best Donation Ambassador” at the presentation ceremony at the culmination of this project.
One year later, in 2012, Ciputra University repeated this project, this time 40 enthusiastic students not only raising a substantial amount of money for CCFI but also being wonderful ambassadors for the Foundation, spreading the word in their communities.

Social events

  • Quiz Nights
  • EWAS charity bazaar
  • Parties
  • Selling craft items

Annual Charity Quiz Night!

Tulip Indonesia & CCFI came together once again to organise the much anticipated & always fun Charity Quiz Night on Saturday March 2 2013. Sponsored once again by Pakuwon Golf & Family Club, Bintang Beer, Class5 Climbing Wall and Windy Spa, it is always great to see a large group of the local community having fun and also raising money for two such worthy causes. Thanks to all our volunteers & our friends who came along & put their hands in their pockets – with half of the proceeds raised going to CCFI.

EWAS CHARITY BAZAAR (Annual Fundraising Events)


The Surabaya Charity Bazaar has become an annual event benefiting many charities. The Expat Women’s Association of Surabaya (EWAS), Tulip Indonesia, the Women’s International Club (WIC) and CCFI work together over many months to make it a success.
On the day, it is a great opportunity for both staff members and volunteers to talk with people about the Foundation.

Cleft Care Calendars

Cleft Care calendars are now hanging on the walls of family & friends in many countries and we now know that this year we can be much more ambitious & print many more, raising more money to help more children.

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