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From the very beginning, as Cleft Care, and now, as Cleft Care Foundation Indonesia, CCFI has been a volunteer organisation. Whilst over the years the majority have been expat international volunteers, we are very happy to see more and more Indonesian volunteers joining the foundation.

Voluteers are currently involved across many areas, from Board level to fund-raising.

Positions currently filled by volunteers include: Treasury, accounting, marketing, donations, newsletter, managing new volunteers, giving presentation to the public and numerous fund-raising activities.

Volunteers can choose whether they are able to give their time at a dedicated level, eg weekly, or in a more casual way.

The Foundation is always very happy to welcome new volunteers, either local or expat.

Some Multinational volunteers in the past

“As a Registered Dietitian in the US, I helped nourish children suffering the effects of poverty or physical defects. Here many children are thus affected and sometimes I feel there is little I can do. Cleft Care Foundation Indonesia has allowed me to join my professional skills with those of the other members and the resources of our donors.”

Kristie Hinton (USA)

“The smiles of children are our biggest reward”

Lizzy Pelssers (Belgium) – Past President Tulip Indonesia & CCFI volunteer

“After having spent just a short time in Surabaya you realize that the poverty in this country is unbelievable. The most underprivileged and vulnerable group is the children. Cleft Care Foundation Indonesia aims to help this group by sponsoring surgery for children with cleft lip and palate.

It is important that we keep on trying. The work is endless but the Cleft Care Foundation Indonesia tries to help where it is most needed. The children are our future and we should all feel obliged to help out if we can.”

Dorte Frandsen (Denmark)

“I have just arrived in Surabaya, and I want to help people in need. The children are obviously the most fragile part of the population; that’s why I particularly want to help Indonesian children get a better future.

Nursery Assistance for Cleft Infants (the old name of Cleft Care Foundation Indonesia) is supported by the Tulip Foundation to bring help, hope and knowledge to children with this condition and their families throughout East Java.

We are seeking the help and generosity of people for this worthy cause. The rewards are healthy, happy and smiling children.”

Valerie Jarbinet (Belgium)

“Being a part of the Cleft Care Foundation Indonesia provides the opportunity to give a helping hand to children in need. Many people in Indonesia do not have the means to pay for surgery if their child is suffering from cleft lip and palate and they do not know where to turn for help and guidance.

Cleft Care Foundation Indonesia helps these children and their families – but your contribution is needed.

Living in a country such as Indonesia where so many people are in need, it’s important to me to give a helping hand to improve their quality of life. Helping kids in this context is even more a priority!

Little ones suffering from clefts and all the consequences of this malformation deserve medical help!”

Ditte Espensen (Denmark)

Read more about volunteers at following link.

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